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Gorgeous 3-D Paintings Evoke a Nuked-Out Urban Wasteland

6 Apr

Bldgblog’s Geoff Manaugh is up with a neat post on Indian-born British artist Gerry Judah, who throws building models onto canvas, then smashes them to smithereens, creating stark little cityscapes that look like a preview of the apocalypse.

View slide show here.


Gerry Judah: Paintings from Sam Marcuson on Vimeo.


This is it

6 Apr

Check out this AWESOME trailer for the Come and Live mission to New Zealand

Kings of Leon documentary

6 Apr

I don’t know how much of this is real – it looks real enough, but from the start these guys have been creating multiple interesting identities for them and the band. Religion seems to play an important role throughout though.

The Piano [VIDEO]

1 Apr


Amongst the rush of a full-blown digital age, it is refreshing to remember how music was once solely acoustic; instruments were made of wood, bone and forged metals. As a songwriter I am always under the influence of my surroundings, and when it comes to a creative burst, almost a heightened sense of things; taste, smell and touch. Texture can be a fascinating aspect of the musical journey often lost in mass-produced, machine pressed plastic instruments… READ ON

Hillsong College – “Piano Interview” from Hillsong College on Vimeo.

by mossie